7 people, 11 pounds of pasta in Hupingshan survive seven days challenge survival limit (Figure)

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7 people, 11 pounds of pasta in Hupingshan survive seven days challenge survival limit (Figure)

(Changde Hupingshan)

Red Net Changsha, January 1 (Reporter Yu Xiangyang 7-man team, carrying only 5 pounds of flour, 6 pounds of cereal will be living in the average altitude of 2000 meters above sea level in the cold Changde Hupingshan 7 days, this crazy idea will become a reality.

2:30 this afternoon, the organization's ultimate survival team Culture Communication Co., Ltd. by Changsha wolf diagram of launching in Changde Shimen Hupingshan, Shek nianzigou, they will challenge the survival limit.

December 28th, 2012, Changsha wolf Figure recruitment field limit survival players in the Red Net forum website, and a detailed list of the registration requirements, activity costs, pre-schedule, basic itinerary.

Aluminum pots, chopping boards, knives, flint, windshield, disposable chopsticks ... 31 December 2012, 8:00 pm, of Changsha Wanjiali the road an apartment, the team members are preparing the necessary survival tool, ready take the train to go to Shimen County, Changde City, Hunan Province, where climbing Hupingshan.

Seven days, they will undergo the kind of story? Experience how dangerous? Posted by Lei Hongze introduced, he will be responsible for timely and in front of the record of the outdoor activities contact the skin sword latest update Rednet forums.

[Recruiting] a net post convened 6 members' reaction is too fast, not impulse '

Have you thought about leaving the city to the wilderness to survive it? Have you ever had to go hand in hand, limited point to go to the extent of the deep forests through the 7th?

On the morning of December 28, 2012, posted a 2013 field limit survival experiment (second quarter recruitment Red Net forum now posts a detailed list of requirements for application, activity fees, pre-schedule, basic itinerary.

Previously, Changsha wolf diagram to the outdoor professional website such as '8264' and published recruitment information. However, most of the candidates in that 'can not take a bath,' with the outside world can not call 'harsh restrictions, quit.

'After a preliminary assessment, training, we finalized the six members of one players in Shimen County City.' Paper Sword said, 'The training includes outdoor knowledge, outdoor survival skills, self-help methods, the last training content assessment . '

Leather sword said: 'not strictly in accordance with the recruitment of members, not divided by physical, to see outdoor survival consciousness.' So-called 'outdoor survival consciousness' refers to things secure, relatively slow He further explained: 'Outdoor risk can be circumvented but dangerous to escape. '

For example, he said: 'experiments show that the reaction speed of the snake is 0.095 seconds, instinct speed is 0.13 seconds, so we can only circumvent knowing more snakes will not go that long grass.'

[Trip] 11 pounds of pasta Survival seven days might met Beast

Survival food is essential.

'This time we brought, only non-protein food, only 5 pounds of flour and 6 pounds of cereal.' Skin sword, 'these foods can be fully guaranteed players spent seven days.'

Claiming to be 'like northeast southerners' skin sword has studied the outdoors, he could go on: 'In the desert, no water will die three hours, room temperature, 3 days without water will die water status, live three weeks, six elements needed by the body as sugar, vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals 'dispensable' pick wild fruits, mushroom sub carbohydrates into sugar eventually be absorbed by the body, flour, cereals, carbohydrates, fat body has stored, the key is how to find the protein. '

'The outdoor, may appear raw insects scene, such as the grasshopper, worms, eggs and so on.' Skin sword, 'half of our trip, pick up trash, half mountain crossing, may be involved in the process of climbing, there may be met the beast, more than an eye, a prudent act. '

[Starting] Standard equipment 40 pounds the team famous female players

Changde, the first snowfall of the winter has just melted. While the the edge in Hunan northwest Hupingshan altitude generally in more than 2000 meters, several Diego peaks, climate variability.

Facing unforeseen hazards, players fear of falling items that may need them. Nickname 'the black pineapple' of players originally lost the knife, and then get back into the bag, 'killing fish, the better'. Youngest players Dukang after repeatedly pondering is not convenient to carry fishing rod simply put into a bag.

'This is standard equipment 40 pounds. Mountaineering bags that skin sword the Dian Ledian' black pineapple '. While the other members of the backpack bulging.

'I am looking forward to this field, very excited.' Near the departure, the second time to participate in the 'wild ultimate survival experiments female players Jiang Yu said,' I never been to Shimen, with so something, ice and snow, has to wait seven days a little scared, 'she is also the team only one female players.

Zhu Weibing December 29 from Suzhou to Changsha, in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan and other places before him had outdoor survival experience, limited limit point experience, this is the first time.

Last night, the players get on the train to Changde. 8:00 this morning, the team car rushed to the starting point of Shimen County Hupingshan town Shek nianzigou, 11:00, leather sword told reporters on the phone, the team members all gathered, but the road junction ice, did not dare to go, positive place to rest.

14:30, the front came the news team starting from the designated place, everything is normal.

The story of how they will occur? Experience how dangerous? Jiang Yu ability to adhere to in the end? They will eat insects. Rear of the outdoor activities staff will update the progress in real time in the Red Net forum.

Further reading:

Huping Mountain is located in northwestern Hunan, Hunan, Hubei provinces boundaries Hill, general elevation above 2000 meters, the main peak of $ 2,098.7 m, Hunan roof (later proved Hupingshan not the Hunan highest peak, and is located in Hunan Yanling County territory at the junction with the Jiangxi Hunan Ling peak is the highest peak in the land and resources of Hunan commissioned authoritative research unit of measurement, the mountain of 2115.2 meters above sea level, the highest peak in Hunan Province.) Hupingshan hilltop surrounded the middle low, shaped like Hukou the named Hupingshan.

Hupingshan a total area of ​​15 square kilometers, Yi Cao corpses Jennifer Wood. Existing 4 acres of virgin forest, 831 kinds of woody plants, including national key protected species, 28 kinds, there are 1,019 kinds of medicinal plants, more than 350 kinds of wild animals, biological experts as 'built-million gold green treasure' According to legend, the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai exile, wrote 'pot bottle fly Falls, the hole off the peach' eternal Quotes.

(Original title: 7 11 pounds of pasta will survive in Hupingshan seven days to challenge the survival limit (Figure)