Image: DSG of War Volkswagen dual clutch transmission failure analysis

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Sina Auto News 2013 3.15 show Volkswagen DSG dual clutch transmission onto the cusp, it can be said for this year on DSG problems uproar dispute and wrote a conclusion, with this year's secretive, the public official was the party that night hair meager apology, and commitment to providing solutions, then about this magical the problem in the end out where? analyze the article seeks to work with you in depth. we see plainly.

Image: DSG of War Volkswagen dual clutch transmission failure analysis

DSG dual clutch transmission Volkswagen Group and Volkswagen fans had been regarded as a fetish, in fact, the structure is not complicated, not too mysterious, they have emerged as early as in 1939 to 1940 in more than 70 years ago, was due to the lack of reliable resistance finally end up with the short-lived end the so-called DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) transmission, in fact, is the literal translation of the English word 'direct shift gearbox', it is the essence of a manual transmission or can be seen as a more advanced AMT core is through a more intelligent shift control program to replace the manual shift and AMT simple rough shift, followed by relying on the better materials to make the clutch plate, require super wear-resistant, can be accepted in the case of no lubricant (dry direct hit shift-DSG) DSG transmission with a transmission loss of power and other advantages of rapid small shift time.

First of all, we need to recognize the concept, are published on the 3.15 show the problem of transmission 7-speed dry DSG, Volkswagen another 6-speed wet DSG is rarely mentioned, this is not the same because the structure of the two transmissions even their production company is not one from BorgWarner (6-speed) and Luke (7-speed).

6-speed DSG dual clutch transmission, the use of the models we are familiar with the GTI, MAGOTAN 2.0TSI, codenamed DQ250, 6-speed DSG Borgwarner (Borg Warner) control module, the use of a wet clutch can withstand a maximum torque of 350NM , mainly for high-performance flagship manipulative models, such as the Magotan, Golf GTI.

Image: DSG of War Volkswagen dual clutch transmission failure analysis The 3.15 is not involved in the 6-speed wet DSG clutch

After a The trouble 7-speed DSG dual clutch transmission, codenamed DQ200 7-speed transmission by Germany SChaeffler (Schaeffler Group)'s, LuK (Luke) completed the development of a dry clutch structure, can withstand a maximum torque of 250Nm, with a small-displacement engine 1.2TSI, 1.4TSI, mainly used in small or economic models, such as the Sagitar, Golf Kassel, Germany (Kassel) factory in China Dalian new transmission plant production.

Image: DSG of War Volkswagen dual clutch transmission failure analysis Got him into trouble 7-speed dry DSG clutch

Dry-clutch 7-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission the Volkswagen DSG + TSI technical core of the program, this transmission advanced and important place that it can be applied to the Volkswagen the main models match the needs, the UP POLO large MAGOTAN can be used for this transmission, thus achieving a seamless match., DQ200 will take up a more important responsibility with the launch of the Volkswagen Group MQB modular universal platform. Speaking DQ200 and DQ250 similarities and differences, we should start with DSG Speaking of the basic structure of the dual-clutch transmission.

Image: DSG of War Volkswagen dual clutch transmission failure analysis Price | configuration | Gallery | Video | sale | reputation | Distributors | forum MAGOTAN guide price: 19.98-33.48 Image: DSG of War Volkswagen dual clutch transmission failure analysis Price | configuration | Gallery | Video | sale | reputation | Distributors | forum Sagitar guide price: 13.18-18.58

Want to say clear DSG's problem, we have to talk about these two transmissions technically we can see from the above picture, two clutch DSG dual-clutch transmission, which is being 'double-clutch' the origin of the name. shown, clutch 1 is responsible for one file, 3-speed, 5 gear and reverse gear, clutch 2 is responsible for 2 files, 4-speed and 6-speed, put up the odd gears, clutch a combination of input shaft 1, clutch 2 separation, the input shaft 2 does not work, i.e., in the working process of the DSG transmission there are always two stalls is a combination of a working, the other for the next ready jump downshift, the manual mode can be performed : If the starting stalls and eventually stalls belonging to the same clutch control, is another clutch control gear conversion, if the starting stalls and eventually stall does not belong to the same clutch control, directly jump down to set the stall.

Image: DSG of War Volkswagen dual clutch transmission failure analysis DSG works diagram

Such a structure, DSG has several advantages:

A high transmission efficiency.

2. Shifting speed, power without interruption.

Mechanical structure is simplified, and cost reduction.

DQ200 and DQ250 addition to the number of stalls, the internal structure is also very different:

DQ200 dry dual clutch, the torque transmitted by the friction plates in the clutch plate due to the savings of the associated hydraulic system, and the dry-clutch itself has the torque transmission efficiency, dry systems greatly increase fuel economic .7 speed dry-type dual-clutch DQ200 addition to the higher transfer efficiency, but also eliminates the need for a filter, high pressure tubing, and other components in the oil cooler and the transmission housing, and ordinary manual gearbox, gearbox oil only used for lubrication and cooling of the transmission gears and bearings. thus 7-speed DSG transmission requires only 1.7 liters ATF oil, while the 6-speed DSG gearbox 6.5 liter ATF oil and weight above, DQ200 dead weight only 72kg more than love letter 6AT reduce 12kg, more than DQ250 is to reduce as much as 21kg.

Image: DSG of War Volkswagen dual clutch transmission failure analysis Volkswagen 7-speed DSG structure

DQ250 is a wet clutch, to transmit torque through the wet clutch plates immersed in the oil, of course, wet dual clutch also irreplaceable advantages of the dry-clutch, because the transfer of the torque vector, and the operating temperature limit, the dry-type double-clutch can withstand the maximum torque has been obvious the DSG gearbox DQ200 dry only apply to less than 250Nm of maximum torque of the engine. Mai Teng 1.8TSI engine equipment, for example, the peak torque output of the engine 1500 go to 4200 rpm during 250NM, close to or even exceed the DQ200 can withstand the maximum torque. Obviously, DQ200 is not appropriate with the kind of high-powered engine.

Analysis from the known, to the point of failure of this 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox is mainly concentrated in the overheating protection with excessive wear and tear on these two issues.

Image: DSG of War Volkswagen dual clutch transmission failure analysis DSG transmission problems may occur when all the gear lights all light flashing prompt

First temperature overheating the same problem once in the 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Many vehicle owners to change the solenoid valve to solve the problem, so far has not been a clear affirmation of official or authoritative, so we're guessing this possible and gearbox internal temperature rises, or program and shift.

Daily downshift action can cause friction clutch plates violent. Kick the oil to go on the engine speed is rising rapidly, the speed is no upgrade at this time is clearly the engine idling, engine speed drops so low gear meshing completed and accompanied clutch burning. Obviously in this process is equivalent to manual transmission H high speed quickly loose clutch, clutch plate intense friction heat generated in this process is self-evident.

Second peristaltic characteristics of the D block parking we know the general AT models in the D block, if not to the oil will have a wriggles feature, which makes the the AT models slope from not to slip. Achieve this function torque converter, the DSG gearbox torque converter can only be achieved through electronically controlled semi-clutch state peristalsis. attentive owners will find the DSG gearbox neutral idling fuel consumption than in the D block brakes, because The power loss in the clutch.

In other words, in the D block step on the brakes when parking, the clutch plate has been in a semi-clutch friction state, the engine driving force into heat is not surprising that this situation will be more serious in the congested road.

Image: DSG of War Volkswagen dual clutch transmission failure analysis Many riders found the upgrade process upshifts speed backward delay

Third shift procedural issues present the Volkswagen DSG failures solution is to upgrade the software, but the explanation given but it is more difficult to understand the circuit crystallization, and I think that the purpose of the upgrade is more related with the clutch plate wear, for example, Description:

Initial control program when the vehicle is started, the engine speed reaches 1500rpm, speed 20km / h up to the second file, then when the vehicle long-term use in congested traffic, the transmission will often between 1,2,3 frequently shift when stalls gap is worn to a certain extent, it will generate the gap, but the shift control program is changed, it will appear Guadang jitter, this feeling is very similar to a manual transmission before the half clutch state.

Therefore the general public through the upgrade process to solve such as the original program set engine 1500rpm for-2 file, now the program is adjusted to 1800rpm even higher before changing gear, so you can adjust the gap between the mouth of the shift block, which temporarily compensate for jitter problems which could explain, riders generally reflects the brushing of the new program, upshift time Backlogging reasons.

For those more serious problem vehicles, that is, the car shaking the next step in development, will produce channeling car and missing files, and other issues, this case can not be used to upgrade software programs to solve the general public to take to replace the clutch plate or clutch assembly to solve the problem completely.

Looked above principle and fault analysis, is naturally explained why in areas with less congestion, DSG incidence will be relatively small, so why wet dual clutch gearbox fewer problems? Because it all lubricants, so that the wear of the clutch plate is smaller, better thermal performance clutch. which would greatly extend the life of the gearbox.

Image: DSG of War Volkswagen dual clutch transmission failure analysis As also Xiao to defeat Xiao's DSG transmission

According to information available, the general public in the Chinese market problems involved in models including FAW - Volkswagen's the new Bora, Golf 6, speed Teng, MAGOTAN such as Shanghai Volkswagen is is Lavida new Touran, the new Passat, Skoda Octavia and Hao Rui. Accordance with China the statistics of the Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the total sales of only 2012 of these models more than 1.023 million.

Rely on 'technical lead' Volkswagen has made brilliant achievements, but who once DSG problem is undoubtedly some technical aggressive, the face of which up to one million owners of Volkswagen extended warranty alone seems to have been insufficient to appease customers Moreover, to make the entry into force of the warranty period, 4S shop owners have been a lot of harsh conditions and we hope that Volkswagen is able to give a more honest and reasonable solution, after all, if not handled properly, the storm they may be renewed for the future, we wait and see.

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