"One-stop end" into the Urumqi Bayi Middle School

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"One-stop end" into the Urumqi Bayi Middle School > About the Urumqi 81 secondary schools src = 'http://i3.sinaimg.cn/dy/c/2013-05-15/1368631186_0nGC8E.jpg' border = '1'>

End >> << a war game site

"One-stop end" into the Urumqi Bayi Middle School > About the Urumqi 81 secondary schools src = 'http://i1.sinaimg.cn/dy/c/2013-05-15/1368631186_rHgNMS.jpg' border = '1'>

Students meet the challenges

Tianshan News (Reporter Zhang Xinjun photo coverage the afternoon of May 15, 81 secondary schools in Urumqi << a station in the end the >> knowledge Challenge Cup is fierce.

One-stop end >> << Jiangsu Satellite TV launch of a new file puzzle answer type of program the file program by the United States NBC < > Adapted from a file in the form of new, fun and full of personality mining challenges, but also full of suspense new puzzle attack Challenge program. Court participants separately fight mode, different occupations, social labeling PK, participants in the limited period of time to get the prize of the hands of others, once it fails, fall ring, whether a station in the end, a program suspense today, the introduction of this model to school shoes to participate in the competition students Urumqi 81 high school students of their one-on-one PK final immunity, as well as off-site to assist rights, so as to get more opportunities. Finally, seven students, to generate an arbitrary challenges remaining six people.

The Urumqi 81 secondary schools Civilization Zhang said the students held the << a war in the end >> the Knowledge Challenge Cup topics covered ancient Chinese literature, history, culture, sports, animal and plant names, geographical knowledge and scientific knowledge, The theme covers a very wide, to hold such a game, so that students know their own inadequacies, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of students to learn in a happy, develop students' self-confidence.

(Original title: << end >> stop into the Urumqi Bayi Middle School