CCTV: The hair was sincere magical Hengda players were worthy of the prize fighting uniforms

Published: 20:58:01 July 24,2013  Views: 172
Ticker at 7:00 tonight, the Chinese soccer team in the East Asian Cup 0-0 draw against hosts South Korea tenacious, South Korea home for 17 years did not win China. CCTV famous football commentator Shen Jian Fang, Xu and DuanXuan the games for the comments, Shen Jian Fang bluntly selfless heroics Zeng Cheng amazing, Hengda [microblogging] that sent him hard prize, he said the Chinese team today climbed to new heights, the overall performance of the Chinese team are is the best. Xu also said, 'Who says the Chinese team boys cute?' he bluntly Chinese team tactics are also a lot of changes, from the Chinese team who see hope.

The first 20 minutes or so, the Chinese team played smoothly continuous with the first field and the formation of biography, Xu admitted that 'if we are to pass through the midfield Daojiao, can also create opportunities, so be patient. Way is right, ideas out! Chinese team's offensive slowly have their own ideas. 'Shen Jian Fang bluntly teenager Sun can [microblogging] in the field very gas field, Xu also exclaim,' You can see his sense of vigor , and this King is able to drive the team. 'Shen Jian Fang called for a nine starter Korea aimed at training,' South Korean team has training purposes on the inside, including Korea Hong Myung-bo's intention reporter also unpredictable, Regardless of the opponent-changing the status quo, let stays. 'Xu also On the Road,' to play the game in order to win respect. 'Shen Jian Fang Reviews Road,' more fierce attack South Korea, the Chinese team contains a lot of potential opportunities Today, the Chinese team tactics some changes, and firmly take the side is not much. '

Zeng Cheng twice brave fighting, Shen Jian Fang On the Road, 'has been fighting very sincere these two can improve morale!' Then Zeng Cheng flying flapping was the other striker kicked directly face, Xu said, 'he was kicking foot to go, Zeng Cheng which look really desperate ah! Zeng Cheng in the door of the play is really good. Who says the Chinese team boys cute? Zeng Cheng such wrecker, really hope the Chinese team players on the field inculcate a morale! 'Shen Jian Fang asked rhetorically,' I'm really honest for once feel distressed ah, Cheng also had no choice but to see the Chinese team you have to say do not fight, how to be considered spell? '

After 30 minutes, Xu Review road, 'Chinese team ball dare, dare to pass, Yang Hao hit 30 minutes in the midfield really played a very crucial role. Pitch national team players do very unified Chinese team today from defensive to offensive on playing very patient and midfielder several players played well in the big treasure [microblogging], Yang Hao and Huang Bowen. 'Zeng Cheng do flying flapping, Shen Jian Fang bluntly,' the first half Chinese team is without a doubt the best performance was sincere, hard prize is not made the hair look, Zeng Cheng also practical action to inspire his teammates. 'Shen Jian Fang Reviews Road,' Today, the Chinese team is not to say the Japanese maintained when the level, but today it has climbed to new heights. 'Xu said,' change in tactics is also a lot. '

Orangemen in the comments section Xuan [microblogging] halftime performance address him, 'Although we do not have a shot, but my heart is very practical.' Shen Jian Fang bluntly, 'after every game will assess the best players, but the overall performance of the Chinese team today are the best, are very good. 'Shen Jian Fang then said,' Although the South Korean team shot eight times that we once did not, but we do not like the number of shots scene embodied as. 'Shen Jian Fang said,' This has been honest state continue, then, really is a copper wall barriers ah! want to break the door of his hand really hard. 'Xu said frankly,' Huang Bowen and Yang Hao is also very good, at both two broken plays a very crucial role . 'the first 75 minutes was sincere saved each tricky kick from the center, two talking heads address him:' It was fantastic save ah! '

Shen Jian Fang admits, 'I hope the national team after every game be like these two the same, so that the body can be truly worthy of the jersey!' Xu comments on the road, 'We do not have any mental problems, techniques and tactics from defensive offensive is the biggest highlight of today the Chinese team which people do not fight? point not only to fight but also to fight on, but also in the technical and tactical aspects are significant changes. first game we did not give up, once the second-true is already so we are very touched, has moved from the Chinese team who see hope, the next step is to insist! our steady climb steadily improved! '

(Tai Chung)