Chongqing university students to the West and private employment "double growth"

Published: 3:40:05 July 31,2013  Views: 125
Newspaper Chongqing, July 30 (Reporter Zhang San According to the Chongqing Municipal Education Committee Secretary Zhao introduced as grain, Chongqing college graduates this year to achieve in the western region and the non-public economic units dual employment growth, as of now, in the western region accounted for employment the proportion of the total number of graduates reached 82% for the highest ever, to the non-public economic units the proportion of employment has reached 63%.

This year, the university graduates in Chongqing 16.42 million, representing an increase of 1.2 million people, an increase of more than 7%, a record high. Zhao as grain, said the face of 'the history of the most difficult years of employment,' Politburo member, secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Sun Zhengcai requires the employment of college graduates as an important livelihood projects, the municipal executive Council and the Municipal Standing Committee has thematic studies related policy measures, issued the employment of college graduates to do the implementation of views. implement the views explicitly requested by the industry to promote employment, broaden employment channels to support their own businesses, entrepreneurship to create jobs, do a good job guidance and training, employment guidance services, to carry out aid work, aid protection of employment, the rational allocation of resources of higher education, the establishment of community college graduates demand forecasting and information release system, Five ways to ensure that graduates do not reduce employment levels, contribute to the achievement of full employment of college graduates and higher quality jobs.

According to the Chongqing Municipal college career guidance service center director Kouwenhoven Yun introduced since October last year to June this year, the city organized a total of 4162 graduates Shuangxuan Hui field, providing 376,200 jobs, is expected to end Graduates employment rate will exceed 90%.

(Original title: Chongqing college students go to the west and private employment 'double growth'