The money will get Joseph: Expensive big toy inventory

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What is luxury? Expensive luxury that is unreasonable. If say, those who have been labeled 'luxury' label objects children should all die miserable. Could result contrary, all walks of life in their own field, even outside their own field has introduced those unreasonable expensive stuff no matter how expensive, more unreasonable, as long as someone to buy you out of the simple reason that, because the money is truth, money is necessary to get Joseph, because people like the kind of expensive to bring specificity.

The money will get Joseph: Expensive big toy inventory Hermès Basketball

Hermès launched the 'astronomical' Basketball

French luxury brand Hermès often will have a full topic of 'price' single product emerges from millions of platinum alligator purse, then $ $ 91,500 alligator TEE, every time out of the 'panic.' This time the focus they fell a basketball body no longer commonplace.

Hermès To celebrate its Los Angeles Beverly Hills boutique re-opening, particularly in the Paris studio carefully hand sewed a basketball. Use of this basketball blue calf leather restraint above the first letter of the brand 'H' mark . than ever we saw on the pitch brown basketball extraordinarily chic, but the price of up to $ 12,900 dollars, to be very surprised. Maybe it is not for this court to the launch of basketball for adding luxury home atmosphere, put At home decor to be a good choice. know people will praise some goods!

The most expensive in the history of computer games

Recently been irreparably racing game, first < > Hot published after << >> portability Ferrari Need for Speed ​​18 strong return, Microsoft also announced at the press conference exclusive works << >> Forza Motorsport 5, a time to become the focus of the players.

The money will get Joseph: Expensive big toy inventory Gifts including BAC Mono lightweight racing and a full racing suits

Another well-known car manufacturers Codemasters also lonely, is perhaps the most expensive publicly Games Limited Edition: GRID 2 BAC Mono Edition. This racing game < > The Limited Edition is priced at £ 125,000, or about 1.16 million yuan!

The money will get Joseph: Expensive big toy inventory Speed ​​of 274km / h in BAC Mono lightweight racing

This exclusive edition is limited to a player to buy, its expensive real reason is that this game spree in addition to containing the game disc, a PS3 console, it also includes a top speed 274km / h the BAC Mono Light Racing and a full racing suit! In addition, the buyer can also visit the factory to participate in experiential activities BAC.

BAC Mono project director Neill Briggs said that: 'BAC for GRID 2 Limited Edition release are very excited and proud, because it will give a lucky buyer to bring a truly unique supercar!'

Private flying backpack Martin Jetpack

Martin Aircraft from 2004 began the development of this aircraft, back and forth made 12 models, although most of the models and the remote control tests are carried out with a fake, but the New Zealand Government has recently approved the company to do with reality testing.

The money will get Joseph: Expensive big toy inventory Jetpacks MartinJetpack

Of course, this 'private' flying expensive, usually in a single commercial aircraft asking price of $ 150,000 dollars to $ 175,000 dollars (nearly $ 1.2 million and down), while the military version will have $ 250,000 dollars (about 195 million Hong Kong dollars). Martin Aircraft The launch of new products with a 200 horsepower, mainly in order to give firefighters and live coverage of the reporters help but Martin Aircraft will also be launched in 2015 a $ 100,000 U.S. dollars (about 77 million Hong Kong dollars) a simplified version, now it never too late to start saving, then oh.

Gold price car models

Today, the purchase price of domestic cars are getting cheaper, and model car prices are getting higher and higher. Certain scarce 1:18 model priced at more than $ 1,000, while the larger 1:8 scale model will generally exceed $ 5000.

The money will get Joseph: Expensive big toy inventory Gold car model

Shock you? Truly incredible, for a display only put on the shelf but not for any other purpose toy car, so the price is somewhat unacceptable, but do not rush to sigh, because the next Content more Madden - although we can not guarantee that this is the most expensive car auction model, but its outrageous prices enough to make you dumbfounded.

The money will get Joseph: Expensive big toy inventory Linear dragster model

Pictures on this model consists of a straight line dragster ruby, black onyx and gold-plated silver crafted in Bonham spring auction price of $ 146,000 deal with this in the real world car enough to buy a 2013 Porsche 911 Turbo, In fact this toy model car has not yet reached the previous estimate price $ 200,000.

The money will get Joseph: Expensive big toy inventory From ruby, black onyx and gold-plated silver car models to build

Perhaps you want to know in the real world really so a racing presence in reality, it is famous for Greer-Black-Prudhomme Dragster line dragster, production in the early 1960s, in the Don 'The Snake 'Prudhomme's control under the United States has repeatedly modified to create high-speed Automobile Association (NHRA) record.

Carbon fiber hammock bathtub

After a busy day, go home and soak in a hot bath in the bathroom must have been a very comfortable thing. To make people more comfortable to enjoy this time, the British design company Splinter Works will be two comfortable elements - hammock and tub combination together to design a special novel carbon fiber tub.

The money will get Joseph: Expensive big toy inventory Carbon fiber hammock bathtub

This unique bathtub with stainless steel bracket mounted on the bathroom walls, can be like a hammock suspended above the ground as it 2.7 meters long, longer than the standard number of bathtubs, made of carbon fiber layer and the foam core production, so material than allowed standard products have longer insulation function, its sloping shape provides the user with more space. use, ground-mounted upright faucet, you can put the whole tub filled with water, the water will overflow All flows to drain. Users can also install an overboard piping to diffuse into the water on the bathroom floor. while customized according to specific needs, the size trimmed to 20 cm, allowing for more flexible installation. limited edition 12, each sold price of 33,259 U.S. dollars.

Peugeot GTi surfboard

This from the Peugeot Design Lab produced surfboard designs inspired by the Peugeot 208 GTi models, using two kinds of wood and carbon fiber materials, in contrast to the surface generated, and designers will call it 'movement' (carbon fiber) and 'emotional' (wood).

The money will get Joseph: Expensive big toy inventory Peugeot GTi surfboard

In addition, GTi surfboard tail also has four carbon fiber rear diffuser fins and Peugeot represent this design to ensure 'safe, fun and exciting surfing experience.' It is reported that, GTi concept surfboard will be this year's Goodwood Racing Festival on display at the Peugeot booth to inform the public of its Peugeot Design Lab.

Germany's top motorcycle Custom Wolf

This is a Custom Wolf by the German company to build a motorcycle, which is the one of many motorcycle anniversary edition a few years, although it is not the latest, but this 'took five years to build' the motorcycle is absolutely fine in the boutique.

The money will get Joseph: Expensive big toy inventory Custom Wolf top motorcycle

In the Custom Wolf's body, there is an extreme DNA, we first take a look at this motorcycle wheels, it is clear from the hub of the rotor can be seen around it incorporates many elements of Buell, it is very wonderful!

As in many other parts, like Wolf vehicle frame and handlebars are factory produced, while the fork is used Benelli TNT plus Wolf's adjustment, while the first 17 inch rear wheels 18-inch combination has always been conservative rigor German depot who is also difficult to get a view, although the front wheels smaller, but the driver is still able to sit straight on the cushion with matching wheel horse brand tires Race Attack, have a perfect grip.

Custom Wolf provides cushioning seat that retro look yet aggressive, and let this world's only motorcycle to the number of its most dazzling equipped RectecH v-twin 1638cc engine, matching Baker five-speed gearbox, providing gluten acceleration power and high-speed cruise capability.

Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow Water Silver Arrow of the Seas

Ship was named 'Silver Arrow of the Seas' concept yacht, is about 46 feet, in the shape of the design elements into the GT sports car, and in addition to excellent streamlined appearance, but in the planning and use of the internal space is flexible, including its exterior and interior material selection, design and even colors are carefully selected by the Mercedes-Benz, while in power, technology and build a part, it is carried out by British Silver Arrows Marine, said that the yacht S-Class is not an exaggeration.

The money will get Joseph: Expensive big toy inventory Silver Arrow of the Seas Yacht

Currently at Mercedes-Benz Style on display in Germany Porto Montenegro 'Silver Arrow of the Seas', shortly after the September 25, will also participate in 2013 to 28 Monaco Yacht Show.