Jackie Chan's father was actually the KMT spy (Figure)

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Jackie Chan's father was actually the KMT spy (Figure) Jackie Chan's father was actually the KMT spies (Figure

August 31, a low-key visit Wuhu Jackie Chan to visit his half-brother, and the family shrine View genealogy Renjieguizong yesterday Xiaobian for you Secret Jackie Chan's father and two half-brother story today as you continue from the end, Jackie's mother exactly why people? her acquaintance with Jackie Chan's father, how? why they migrate to Australia, lost Jackie a person in Hong Kong?

Parents met: Police let female drug traffickers

According >> << Dalian Evening News, Jackie's mother named Chen Lili (Chen Lili is the English translation), formerly known as House Road, Long Chen Zhiping father, native of Shandong. War years because the home was destroyed, and the folks who wandered into the Anhui, so it is reported that Jackie Chan is a native of Wuhu, Anhui. room Tao Long had learned martial arts, early removed in Nanjing, grow up to join the KMT, and later became a chance KMT intelligence officers, which is what we call the KMT spies later because of a firearm fire accident, was get rid of the military So Long Dad linen in Nanjing diverted to start trading, business is quite good, until the Japanese army invaded China.

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