Lanzhou, the implementation of "coal to gas demonstration project" to control air pollution

Published: 2013-9-10 September 10,2013  Views: 37
September 10, 'light hydrocarbon gas fired boiler replacement demonstration project' lighting ceremony held in Lanzhou, Lanzhou City, which marks the fast and effective governance coal pollution has been a major breakthrough is expected to come from behind in the national comprehensive prevention and control PM2.5 .

Since reform and opening, China's economic development has made brilliant achievements, but also economic prosperity paying excessive consumption of resources and environmental pollution depth consideration. According to statistics, China's output value of one dollar for each job created, the energy consumption of the United States 4.3 times, 7.7 times in Germany, Japan, 11.5 times in recent years due to rapid industrialization, dependent on coal, the rapid growth of car ownership and ignore environmental laws, air pollution became a serious problem in China, especially in recent years, frequent fog haze, has seriously affected the social and economic life of the masses of the orderly development of the data, whether it is China's Ministry of Environmental Protection or the United States Embassy official data published data, several major Chinese cities were new since records began serious air pollution.

Such a spread to the country's extreme weather has constituted a veritable disaster, and this fact goes against that, to date, it has been the concern of its disastrous certainly do not match. Continuation of PM 2.5 in Beijing earlier discussion of the topic, Despite its severity has been repeatedly stressed that public criticism, the demands on air quality highlight some urgency of the situation, however, whether the adjustment from the daily lives of people, or the government's response, in the meantime there are insufficient attention to the problems of last year Beijing issued a << Beijing air heavy pollution days contingency plan (provisional) >>, << Lanzhou Lanzhou City has also introduced a comprehensive management of air pollution industrial pollution control program >>, the introduction of these programs are considered great progress. programs on various government departments have detailed a clear division of functions, such detail is intended to play a different division of the functions of government departments advantages for air pollution control, rehabilitation of the weather conditions, these provisions clearly behind highlighting the fact that that is not just a response to extreme weather two government departments responsibility.

'The ecological civilization construction in a prominent position, into economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, and all aspects of the whole process, and strive to build a beautiful China, the Chinese people to achieve sustainable development.'

The party's 18 report for the first single article discusses the ecological civilization, the first time the 'Beautiful China' as a future grand goal of ecological civilization, ecological civilization building in the overall layout of the height of the discussion that we are the party of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the overall deepens the understanding of the layout, the construction of ecological civilization placed in one of five height discourse, but also highlights the descendants of the Chinese nation, responsible for the world of the spirit.

For a long time, China's air pollution is the most important reason is the huge energy consumption and coal-dominated energy consumption structure. Statistical data reveals that at present, the domestic sulfur dioxide emissions by 90%, nitrogen oxide emissions by 67%, soot 70% of emissions and anthropogenic sources of atmospheric mercury and 40 percent come from burning coal.

Coal causes air pollution is currently prevalent in a domestic urban ills, and the lack of an effective cure means. According to relevant statistics: As of now, the domestic stock of coal-fired boilers reached 62 million units, resulting in 116 cities, 1300000 square kilometers and a population of over 600 million has been seriously polluted.

Coal is also the cause of air pollution in Lanzhou currently the largest killer as the country's most polluted cities, long time, remove the 'two mountains clip a River' special terrain conditions, with the city too focused on large enterprises, fuel coal-based heating it difficult to change and so have a direct correlation.

Improve air quality requirements for the public voice of the Lanzhou municipal government started to dismantle and transform the coal boiler based 'Blue Sky Project' that, according to Lanzhou geographical features, gas supply situation, develop through a multi-channel, multi-species, multi gas source use patterns to achieve clean energy supply purposes.

The face of natural gas resources are limited and prices are constantly rising, and the supporting gas pipeline still need huge investment and other practical problems, Lanzhou municipal government launched a wide-ranging and in-depth research, and in this year's 'two sessions' period, the rate of the EPA by the mayor Yuan Zhanting , Construction Bureau, Heating Company, PetroChina Kunlun Gas companies and other professionals to visit the capital of Lanzhou to Beijing New Ye Lu Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing's Fengtai Sanitation Bureau implementing coal to light hydrocarbon gas boiler for field trips and other projects, which in Lanzhou City 'Blue Sky Project' campaign, spearheaded the introduction of the 'light hydrocarbon gas technology integrated solutions.'

It is understood that the Maryland coal to gas 'light hydrocarbon gas technology' demonstration project, the Beijing New Ye Lu Sheng Gas Technology Limited., The world's leading patented technology, has received the Ministry of Construction, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Environmental Protection Ministry of Agriculture and other departments affirmed.

According to Beijing Municipal Environmental Testing Center to provide the test reports: Beijing Fengtai sanitation original one two tons of coal to gas boilers, to reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions of 1,206 tons, 16.67 tons to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions, reducing emissions of 5.18 tons of nitrogen oxides, reducing soot emissions of 34.73 tons.

Light hydrocarbon gas is a mixture of hydrocarbons pentane-based liquid, specific gravity 0.63-0.68g/cm3, production of large, low prices, according to China Gas Association survey, the moment of light hydrocarbon gas that raw materials in the world oil and gas fields, gas fields, oil refineries, petrochemical plants is very rich, not only production, but the value is low, even a lot of time is being flared in vain, but due to high cost of purchasing and storage centralization, had no large-scale use of foreign technology paths and methods.

According to reports, the Maryland coal boiler gas demonstration project required raw materials, provided in advance by the Chinese oil system. 'With this immediate technical means, the domestic oil and gas fields, gas fields in the first part of the raw materials come quickly resolve environmental rigidity demand. 'South China University of Natural Gas Utilization Research Center Director Professor Hua Ben said,' The next step will be the introduction of this raw material from overseas, which is not only conducive to optimizing China's energy structure, but will in urbanization, new rural areas, distributed energy construction play a special effect. '

The use of Lanzhou City Government-led, private enterprises for technology, central enterprises to take raw materials, the local market development department of the thermal treatment of coal pollution in Lanzhou mode, so that the long-troubled cities coal boiler to find the best solution, which comprehensive management of the current domestic environment, especially air pollution in Beijing, Tianjin has a governance role model and learn.

'Faced with haze, we can no longer wait northerly JiuJia a helpless! Pollution blown away even temporarily, it does not come a blow' Beautiful China ',' Ye Lu Sheng company's strategic partner - Hong Yuan Zi International Group Chairman Miss Zhang Jiyuan in the ignition ceremony, told reporters, 'In the past 20 years, we have been talking about the' pollution first and then the developed countries can not take the old road of governance ', and in recent years, the grim reality tells us that pollution Along with China's development has been formed, it is never less than a way to expect or ignore. now the most important thing is how seriously and governance environment, we chose to haze governance as a starting point, because 'Beautiful China' necessarily is a picturesque scenery of China, rather than a dense fog of China. '

Lanzhou municipal government said that with the 'light hydrocarbon gas replace coal-fired boiler demonstration project' successful ignition, the next step will be in Lanzhou 'Blue Sky Project' implemented on a large scale and lasting impetus to the local green, low carbon, cycle development early realization of ecological civilization Chinese dream.