Chang E III has flown nearly 350,000 kilometers without 3rd halfway correction

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Chang E III has flown nearly 350,000 kilometers without 3rd halfway correction Chang E III lunar probe at 1:30 on the 2nd at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center from the 'Long March III B' carrier rocket. Zhang Ziyang photo

Beijing BEIJING, Dec. 5 (Reporter Zhang Ziyang) Chinese Defense Industry Bureau said today that as at 18:00 on December 5, Chang E III detector has been running for about 88 hours, nearly 350,000 km flight, in good working condition The third time midway amendments scheduled for today be canceled.

December 3, Beijing Aerospace Control Center successfully completed a second engine halfway correction and 7500 cattle were first used precise calibration. Given detectors emit Chang E III carrier rocket Long March III B orbit with high accuracy, The first two half-fix Chang E III detector is also very accurate, meet and follow the track in recent months, the brake control requirements, while Chang E III detector flight control scheme has better adaptability, it was decided not to then a third midway amendment.

According to reports, the second half of the 7500 amendments to implement the calibration engine is China's first cow variable thrust engine, by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation responsible for the development, the thrust can be achieved from 1500 to 7500 cattle cow wide range of continuous change, with high performance, adaptability, combustion stability, simple structure, low cost and other notable features.

According to the plan, Chang E III in mid-December to choose to achieve a soft landing on the moon Rainbow Bay area, will carry out the lunar surface topography and geological surveys, lunar material composition and available resources survey, the plasma layer of the Earth and the moon-based optical probe astronomical observations and other scientific exploration mission. (END)

(Original title: Chang E III has nearly 350,000 km flight cancellations third midway correction)

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(Original title: National Legal Publicity Day: Young University child compiled message 'fraud' Students

is romantic moment. Offered to accompany him to take the card's brother is one of them, he told reporters that her husband was a professional on behalf of Plum soldiers, formerly resident in Chengdu, a month ago just transferred to Tibet, 'I was three days ago, her husband received a phone learned that he had been in before leaving 米兰柏 feather to her sister run a beauty card, still in the hospital The only way to make the bus station advertising. My task is to pretend inadvertently sent her husband to let her sister to see the blessing. '

'Who says the military is not romantic ah!' Blessed day serve as messengers of the staff this touching scene quickly sent to the Internet, these young girl Wen-Ting Yeh also moved more than one, 'a month ago that come to us do Bing Gege When the card tells us that marriage is not the first time he was three years in the side with his wife's birthday, we want to send a surprise with our then immediately agreed, but also rehearsing for a long time before, and today was really too romantic . '

(Original title: bus station advertising Chengdu romantic affection to his wife Colombian soldiers popular network

of a comprehensive well-off society ambitions.

(Original title: Xinhua Commentary: resource allocation right, let the market decide

she has good memories (won last year's runner-up) at the stadium, starting tomorrow, this feeling will continue in accordance with the walk, try win.

Tseng said she first year of a hole-by-hole tournament winless this year, very lucky, not only did not hold eggs, also won a lot, so at the 8th hole birdie putt to grab first prize of $ 15,000 in After very happy and relaxed, 'at least not without a story!'

But she said that is not enough to focus on the front nine Dian batting rhythm too good, solid routine action is not large, but like a lot of the back nine, to find his rhythm, there are offensive to the point according to their meaning, quasi-distance control yet again that this by-hole tournament she put it as another practice toward more familiar with the stadium situation, on the whole, I feel very good, the race will actively attack, a good game to play, do my best.

Other players to win the prize as follows: with Tseng same group of South Korea's Park Hee Ying (Hee Young Park) prize money of U.S. $ 22,000, U.S. players Kodak (Jessica Korda) get a bonus of $ 20,000, Cui Luolian playing with toys and Lu Xiaoqing same group of Zhang Ha Na win bonus of $ 11,000, is $ 8,000 KBA Jing, Pu Ren Fei empty-handed.

Today's Skins Game in addition to three sets of professional and amateur groups, and other community groups is an amateur artist Zeng Guo Dian Chen Guohua city with Qunbaiyaoyao team with female players 张韦文 Jansson, a member of the power train and 尤秋兴 Dian 颜志琳two Qunbaiyaoyao female players Zhengru Xin and Laobi Ming.

country and nation, social progress and innovation is the soul of entrepreneurship is to promote economic and social development, an important way to improve people's livelihood. Want the young students to pursue their own life with the development and progress of the country, the people of the great practice closely together, study hard, down to earth, forge ahead, to showcase their talent in innovation and entrepreneurship, and social services. >>> read

Congratulates Congress of the CPC Central Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang held Nineteenth

CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping Congratulates Lien served as KMT Honorary Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung continued

Chinese Kuomintang Central Committee thanked restoration

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 10 - The Communist Party of China Central Committee of the 10th Central Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang call to congratulate the Nineteenth Congress of the Chinese Kuomintang held a congratulatory message, said:. 'On the occasion of the Nineteenth Party Congress was held on the occasion, I would like congratulations! recent years, your my bipartisan efforts to continue to promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, I am eagerly awaiting your future parties to consolidate the common political basis both enhance and safeguard the common perception of a Chinese framework, deepen mutual trust, while opposite OK, in order to consolidate the peaceful development of cross-strait relations to deepen and enhance well-being of compatriots on both sides to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and make new contributions. '

This afternoon, the Chinese Kuomintang Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Central Committee restoration thanked restoration, said:. '10 November pleasure to acknowledge his message, I would like to express our thanks to the past five years, cross-strait relations between the two parties, I insist on the 'nine. Two consensus', based on the recovery and promote exchanges and cooperation in various fields, the two sides of the breadth and depth of interaction, not only has reached an unprecedented level, and created a historic contribution, I hope you can continue to expand and bipartisan deepen cross-strait exchanges and cooperation, promote Chinese culture, revival of the Chinese nation, to promote the welfare of people on both sides together for the sustainable development of cross-strait peace efforts. '

(Original title: President Xi Jinping held talks with President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych

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82 Lynn CHIU Qiu Ling Ti TWN

17 Asako FUJIMOTO Asako Fujimoto JPN

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18 Sakai Miki Miki SAKAI JPN

7 9:30 1 11 Brittany LINCICOME Brittany Lincicome Tanni · USA

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14 10:40 1 13 Paula CREAMER Paula Clay Jessica USA

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(A) Amateur

First Round DRAW

Dec. 6, 2013 (Fri.)
Match Time Tee
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89 Mayu Mayu HOSAKA Hosaka (A) JPN

31 10:50 10 75 Pei-Lin YU 余珮琳 TWN

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85 Mariel GALDIANO Mary children. Thongchai Anno (A) USA

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87 So Young LEE Lizhao Ying (A) KOR

willing to make a change. Would have to be mobilized from top to bottom, so you want to encourage those have the ability, willingness to do business sector and advance the reform, by coordinating all aspects of the organization, forcing those who do not want to change, you must change the corporate reform, eventually forming a comprehensive reform to promote synergies and atmosphere.

Decision << >>: You have made many trips to Wenzhou and other research suggested that the reason why the current progress of financial reform in Wenzhou little policy space because there is no central conferred by foot.

Chen Jingwei: the existence of this problem, however, some domestic media evaluation of the effectiveness of local financial reform requires a hurry fact, financial reform is a systematic project, in terms of a deeper level, it is a regional industry, it is difficult in a very. a short time a great breakthrough. Additionally, for a regional financial reform, it is the adjustment of the financial structure of a regional problem, not to say that the establishment of a private bank, financial reform will be successful. good and bad, basically to two or three years to a conclusion later.

Overall program of financial reform in Wenzhou, Quanzhou mentioned that 'the formation of the local economic and social development to match the hierarchical organization and orderly financial system.' This is actually a great concept, not a bank or financial institution established several so simple. financial services for the real economy, the economic situation of each place is not the same entity, the situation will be different structural imbalance, therefore, must, from the financial point of view to discuss regional issues. identify the root cause, can address the problem.

Do not always blame the top places are not allowed to change. Any society, is not what people had to change, are slowly evolved. Do not blame others. Light blame others, do not reflect on their own, it is a headache what I found in the research, local government busy, can stop doing something much. place sorely lacking is a professional financial talents. local finance office officials are drawn from the government, the banks who with practical experience who do not get into finance.

Space where financial innovation is very large, not without. Chinese too, to promote financial reform, we must first consider the least risk does not occur. Event of change is not good, it will spread to the whole body, but does not mean that can not change. Do not have a major system innovation, but also for business innovation, management innovation.

Wenzhou gold '12', there are a lot of things you can dig really do a lot of reform, a breakthrough within a certain range can also be done in my opinion, is not the lack of Wenzhou financial reform policies, the lack of a top-level design and various segments in the field of financial professionals, did not implement the reform measures, do not know how to use a good policy to Wenzhou we mention 39 very fine gold changed project proposals, but may not be able to find professional talent to help it operate for example, rural bank holding companies, the National is still a blank, Wenzhou, Quanzhou, why not try it? Again, the area where the credit system construction, small and micro enterprises financial services technology development and services, 'four in one' and 'four levels' of the county financial supply system construction, etc., which are not financial reform and innovation it?

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