Chang E III has flown nearly 350,000 kilometers without 3rd halfway correction

Published: 2013-12-5 December 5,2013  Views: 365
Chang E III has flown nearly 350,000 kilometers without 3rd halfway correction Chang E III lunar probe at 1:30 on the 2nd at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center from the 'Long March III B' carrier rocket. Zhang Ziyang photo

Beijing BEIJING, Dec. 5 (Reporter Zhang Ziyang) Chinese Defense Industry Bureau said today that as at 18:00 on December 5, Chang E III detector has been running for about 88 hours, nearly 350,000 km flight, in good working condition The third time midway amendments scheduled for today be canceled.

December 3, Beijing Aerospace Control Center successfully completed a second engine halfway correction and 7500 cattle were first used precise calibration. Given detectors emit Chang E III carrier rocket Long March III B orbit with high accuracy, The first two half-fix Chang E III detector is also very accurate, meet and follow the track in recent months, the brake control requirements, while Chang E III detector flight control scheme has better adaptability, it was decided not to then a third midway amendment.

According to reports, the second half of the 7500 amendments to implement the calibration engine is China's first cow variable thrust engine, by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation responsible for the development, the thrust can be achieved from 1500 to 7500 cattle cow wide range of continuous change, with high performance, adaptability, combustion stability, simple structure, low cost and other notable features.

According to the plan, Chang E III in mid-December to choose to achieve a soft landing on the moon Rainbow Bay area, will carry out the lunar surface topography and geological surveys, lunar material composition and available resources survey, the plasma layer of the Earth and the moon-based optical probe astronomical observations and other scientific exploration mission. (END)

(Original title: Chang E III has nearly 350,000 km flight cancellations third midway correction)

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