2013 annual "wheel" elected kanji meaning Olympic and solidarity

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2013 annual "wheel" elected kanji meaning Olympic and solidarity

Kyoto, Kiyomizu Temple, the abbot Sen Qing Fan brush writing 'round.'

BEIJING, Dec. 12, according to Japanese media reports, Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Association announced the 12th best performance of the year 2013 the world with Chinese characters, this year's annual Chinese characters for 'Wheel', the Japanese pronunciation of 'RIN'.

Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto World Heritage Site by the abbot Sen Qing Fan writing brush December 12 'round.'

Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Association raised from the country's 26 million people, most representative of Chinese characters that year and this year for the Japanese people, the most important thing than to Tokyo to become 2020 Olympic host venue.

Japanese rings are 'five', there is another round of the word 'circle' means, on behalf of the Japanese people gathered as one. Many Japanese people believe that what happened this year with the 'round' character related.

Earlier, Japan's character of the year 2012 is the 'gold', 2011 was 'stumbling.'

(Original title: 'round' character of the year 2013 was elected Japan's Olympic and moral solidarity

ationship is very intimate.

15-year-old school, the same year by virtue of fame >> << Jinfenshijia Liu Yifei, can be described as a classmate of the earliest popular one. 4 years older than her Jiang Yan, but in 2007 only because we have nowhere to put drama << Youth >> become familiar faces, however, Jiang Yan quickly give up the small screen, he moved to the big screen, quickly caught up with Liu Yifei's footsteps, but the former is a 'young artists', which is 'costume beauty' really classmate different way.

Utilitarian entertainment, classmate different life

Feng Shao Tong Dawei VS no intersection of old and new niche

Shanghai Theatre Academy 97

2003, Tong Dawei Guanyin with << >> burst of red when a classmate of William Feng has just begun. Shortly afterward, Tong Dawei With nowhere to place youth << >> << and youth on the day >> << struggle Defense of Marriage >> << >> become the mainland's most popular TV niche, and Feng Shao Feng has also been struggling between half red not black, but can be attributed to Lianshu not by name actors list.

As the saying goes, 'turned upside down', in 2011 to positive drama << >> Jade Palace Lock Heart of the hit, so 33-year-old William Feng overnight jump as many fans idol niche, the personable 'rich second generation 'Not only, and' after 85 and a sister, 'Yang Mi became the most popular screen couple, life, he also tracked 10 years younger than he is,' seeking girls 'Ni-ni, really love the cause bumper! And at the moment, Tong Dawei has played on the big screen from a mature man ...... They obviously a classmate, but also a year younger than Tong Dawei Feng Shao Feng, but the two men are like 'two generations' generally no intersection.

Utilitarian entertainment, classmate different life

Yang Mi VS Yuan Shanshan one being scolded helped popularize a red

Beijing Film Academy 05

Yang Mi and Yuan Shanshan is the 'students of different life' model. Yang Mi starred << >> Jade Palace Lock Heart overnight explosion of red, a well-deserved 'After 85 and a sister.' As a classmate, Yuan Shanshan first part of the play to the same Yang Mi supporting role in Yang Mi farewell 'Palace' series, the abandoned people again took to continue to play the role which is enough wronged, but why Yang Mi bead front, how Yuan Shanshan speech can not go, in every possible way the audience despise.

Yang Mi in praise and criticism facing the indomitable, TV, movies walking on two legs, love, career double harvest time, Yuan Shanshan was in 'Get out of the entertainment business,' condemning struggling, no less play the female lead, but I do not know when they could really proud.

Utilitarian entertainment, classmate different life

Qin Liu Ye VS Golden Horse Film Festival winner and 'King of Soy'

Central Theatre Academy 96

Qin Hao, Liu Ye classmates are by virtue starred in art films and fame although early, but compared with only willing to make a movie, is still basically just filming Melodrama Qin Hao, both the TV and commercial films Liu Ye worth significantly much higher.

In 2001, when many classmates after graduation are still confused as when a pick >> << Lan Yu Liu Ye, let the students just graduated from drama suddenly become the youngest Golden Horse winner that year Two years later, a << Foliage >> make him easily the winner of the Golden Rooster Award With the popularity soared, Liu Ye's 'big brother' status is firmly daily.

Compared with the ubiquitous classmate, Qin Hao although slightly dim light, but also get down out of one of their own 'art of the road.' So far, Qin Hao is already participated four times at the Cannes Film Festival and nominated three times for best actor can say, Qin Hao from Starlight close, but not particularly bright -. then went to Cannes with Fan Bingbing, Qin Hao ticket is mom's friend 'sponsorship', he can only brokerage firm colleagues squeeze in a rented apartment, but Wallace is not only known to live in Cannes, 'expensive' hotels, more boldly package under the yacht to celebrate the birthday of director Wang Xiaoshuai.

Despite being in the trade as 'uncrowned king', but now the Qin remains a simple life, their own grocery shopping, cooking, compared with his star students, he is like an ordinary people.

Utilitarian entertainment, classmate different life

Vs Chen Kun Huang Xiaoming from friends to friends to unfamiliar

Beijing Film Academy 96

As the two classmates, early stardom Kun Huang Xiaoming bumpy than some of .2005, an interview he also admitted fame is by Edward's friends help, but is worth noting that, this time, Huang Xiaoming Chen Kun is the definition of 'Friends.' But the wind after 2009 << >> release, Huang Xiaoming begin changed to become a 'friend.'

After the rise of microblogging, more careful users found concern after Xiaoming Chen Kun, Kun Huang Xiaoming attention is not always, or even Xiaoming at its Hundred Flowers Award winner for the day, Chen Kun Huang Xiaoming first time on the microblogging blessing, Edward replied most Friends blessing, but did not return but only Xiaoming, and Huang Xiaoming birthday, Edward was a blessing but it is the same day Shawn birthday.

In the year of the Chinese dream sound << >> After the game, as the judges interviewed Huang Xiaoming, Chen Kun asked the students performance in the << >> The Happy Boys, he bluntly: 'and Chen Kun unfamiliar, has for many years not seen. 'is more subtle, just before this interview, Zhao Wei and Chen Kun friendships just because the youth >> << caused by the hype generated fissures, and Huang Xiaoming in order to support old school, repeatedly playing hurt, Vicki raise enthusiasm for the debut, the hype. two 'blue color' different performance caused the crowd to guess, Huang Xiaoming phrase 'unfamiliar' is regarded as the side confirms the subtle changes in the relationship between the three of ...... a lot of friends bluntly: 'small partners are how exactly is it?'

Utilitarian entertainment, classmate different life

Actress Zhang Ziyi vs Qin Hailu same thing with actress

Central Theatre Academy 96

Recently, John Woo blockbuster theatrical disaster << >> fought Shanghai Taiping round shooting this movie together many star players, especially as a classmate Zhang Ziyi and Golden Horse and Qin Hailu is received particular attention.

Zhang and Qin Hailu, these two names are from the flash of a collective - 96 classes in drama, both with Yuan Quan, Mei Ting, Hu Jing been a metaphor for '96 play five' in the entertainment industry in the country. This class can be considered a sort of a small miracle achievement.

Of course, it's also the number one of the most beautiful Zhang Ziyi, whether it is filming, scandal, charity, scandal, Zhang Ziyi entertainment news always makes shock, and now she is not only a representative of the 96 graduates of the play, it is International representative of contemporary mainland actress. contrast, although Qin Hailu also very fortunate to get the business for the Golden Horse, paving the way for a career, but look back at ten years of development, Qin Hailu transcripts or worse some end, Qin Hailu has said himself after obtaining actress really has been in decline, but after three years, and will be realistic and will not be too ambitious in her eyes, the highest level of performance should be a people's artist.

Now it seems that a go international routes, one to the artist as a target, two Golden Horse classmates Although different ways, but in the end is the same thing ......

Utilitarian entertainment, classmate different life

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