[2014 gold trend] January-February will be a litmus test to detect $ 1,200 support

Published: 10:22:47 February 3,2014  Views: 51
CNR Beijing February 3 network news (reporter Su Ping quarter, according to Voice of China << aspect >> news reports in the Chinese traditional view, gold is not just consumer goods, it is preserved, the best investment appreciation, but in 2013 , the real money prices way down, China is stuck aunt became the object, while the high-end liquor prices follow the price of gold, fell out of a unilateral roadmap .2014, gold, white wine is a Jedi rebound or continue to decline ? Voice of China special planning fall and rise 13,14 << >> Part III: stumble endlessly gold and white wine.

Gold prices 'definitely will not drop' the same kind of rhetoric throughout 2013, but the final annual report card was appalling www gold analyst Zhang said:

Zhang: 2013 gold market is destined to become an extraordinary year this year, gold ended the bull market for 12 years, over 30 years, the worst annual performance which plunged more than 20 percent in the second quarter, the annual decline over. 30 percent, according to statistics Zhuochuang, the highest price of gold during the year $ 1,696.8 York / ounce, the lowest 1179.6 U.S. dollars / ounce, the cumulative drop of more than 30% of the domestic Shanghai gold futures highest price 345.6 yuan / gram, the lowest 237.9 yuan / gram, cumulative decline of 31.16% .2013 years, gold trend tragic, but still strong.

2013 For gold investors, can be described as appalling, Leaving aside the huge losses of more than 100 per gram of dollars, even more worried is that 2013 may mean up to ten years of the gold bull market came to an end, the gold bear market may have come, no one knows how long this bear market will continue in Zhang opinion, $ 1,200 per ounce would be an important juncture:

Zhang: Last year trend, $ 1,200 is really important to mark that we believe, in January-February this year will be $ 1,200 to support the detection touchstone stop in the vicinity of 1200 if the price of gold, then the price of gold a year-long downtrend. will have to end, it may turn sideways, waiting to return to the upward trend, but if $ 1200 can not stop falling, then below 1150,1100,1000 not just words, it is likely to arrive.

While the 2014 trend of gold is still smoke and mirrors, but before the Spring Festival, Beijing hundred gold store hot food or staggering, the traditional concept of reason and narrow investment channels are ignored. Different silver and gold, the Spring Festival did not save the fate of the high-end liquor. Reporter survey found that this year's wine market, high-end liquor is almost no longer marketable, original noble ice superior products have postures, embarked on 'People First line.' one trader told reporters liquor sales , volume and price down is the 2013 high-end liquor market, 'the main tone':

Vendor: this year as a whole, as a whole has declined, especially in alcoholic overall has declined.

Vendor: Each drop basically about two hundred to three hundred, the most common, to come and collect around our house are seven or eight hundred, had previously been more than a thousand, if five percent of sales last year, then this year Only two percent.

Year of the Horse Before the Spring Festival, many liquor prices have been adjusted in order to attract consumers, many shops specially set up special zones, Maotai price of some products up to 5 percent.:

Vendor: big price cut, mainly Maotai, Wuliangye, Maotai in particular.

For most customers, whether markdowns superior products, they usually do not affect the consumer, because they value the benefits.

Customer: I'm spending my ability to, if my wages more than a thousand dollars, I bought so high, I can not afford ah.

Different gold and liquor worth fate after disagreements fall times, the reason is rooted in both the targeted market. Gold buyers are mainly public, commercial and high-end liquor consumption places the target in the exercise of saving the wind blowing today This result is also not surprising that the order to seek a breakthrough, announced the establishment of Moutai Marketing Limited customization, targeting the 'private order' market in the past is still the Great Hall, the airport, and diplomatic banquet for special occasions The high-end liquor, are now entering the 'ground gas' channel liquor marketing expert Xiao Zhuqing that, in fact, today's market, the industry is long overdue return to the real rational market:

Xiao Zhuqing: liquor decade of rapid development, is not ashamed to inventory, inventory proud because of anti-Israel annually in the price of high-end liquor, the liquor industry to cover up many fundamental problems currently liquor industry may have been excessive. , think back to the glorious past decade, I think it is impossible.

However, it seems Hai, both gold and high-end liquor in 2014 probably will not be a good investment goods,

Hai: good as gold and high-end liquor, it is that economic growth in an era of luxury consumption is relatively high speed, but with the slowdown in economic growth, we see this increasingly high expectations of investment goods altar, the investment level of caution investors will be further improved, so the pursuit of low-risk low-income people will be more and more, their level of investment in this high-risk category, it should be said that the market will be gradually narrowed .