"Family Style tutor to promote the socialist core values." Seminar

Published: 21:31:39 March 26,2014  Views: 34
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 26 - (Reporter 隋笑飞 by the Guangming Daily, China Central Television, China Ethics jointly organized the 'family tradition tutor to promote the socialist core values.' Seminar held in Beijing on the 26th. Participants stressed that the family is the social The cells are connected to bridge the individual and society. excellent family tradition tutor can make individuals gain access to quality basic social, self-restraint on moral values, especially for promote and practice the socialist core values, promote social harmony and stability establish moral self-confidence and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, has a unique role.

Conference believes that good publicity is to promote family tradition tutor socialist core values ​​important starting point. Familiy tutor reported CCTV, Guangming Daily carried out and the 'family tradition tutor Let's Talk' writing activities, tutoring through this little family tradition incision, in many ways driven interactive communication with the resonance frequency, the core values ​​of a more ambitious concise explanation of figurative, plump, lively, so that everyone can see and participate in the discussions, very fit new requirements of contemporary social thought transmission, new characteristics, effectively played a leading role in the media center of the mainstream news media.

The meeting proposed that in the new historical period, in order to promote the socialist core values ​​family traditions tutor, tutor resources facing the loss of traditional family tradition utilitarian ideas spread and penetration in society, leading to changes in the structure of the family, the traditional lack of adult education in our country as well as electronic products for household daily communication challenges such time squeeze Therefore, advocacy and nurturing good family tradition, so thousands of families become better days, is the deepest level of livelihood projects.

Participants noted that today, how to better cultivate good family tradition tutoring, special attention should proceed from the following aspects: the conversion of outstanding importance to explore and ideological and cultural resources, traditional family traditions should be seen as an important cultural heritage tutor them. protection and excavations in the country and gradually establish a family tradition of cultural studies tutoring system, a typical family play all kinds of advanced lead role model - Exhibition civilized family, harmonious family, learning and family activities to create a combination of urban and rural civilization driven by family tradition cultivation, grasp nurture civic virtue and adults, parent education to promote the socialist core values ​​family traditions tutor, emphasis should be placed on fostering modern society to adapt to civic morality, to establish long-lasting family traditions tutor propaganda, the linkage mechanism to use a variety of ways, multi-fit, establish the appropriate effective system.